Sunday, June 16, 2019


The Unicorn Husbandry Book.

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A current Magenta Monkey Studios Original Work in Progress.

Sometimes as an artist you have to go back to software you haven't used in a while and refresh yourself.. and what better way is their to that then by writing your first help book? 


The unicorn husbandry book is born out of the love for breeding and raising the domestic dairy unicorn.


Read a sample here!

A local unicorn farm was kind enough to let us follow their journey thru the year so we could document the standard care and husbandry of the Dairy Unicorn. This book is a work in Progress and will be available to the public upon completion. It features full color pictures of Dairy unicorns, a complete history of their domestication and a guide for the  care and cures of Unicorn specific ailments.


"he first unicorns were domesticated  between 1470 AD and 1480AD in northern Europe.  Wild unicorn could be caught by laying a trap by placing a young maiden  or  virgin princess in a forest clearing , where she would entice the beast to her with a harp or flute. Unicorns are shy but curious creatures would after a time enter the clearing to more closely examine this new sound and eventually come to lay their heads on the maidens lap.  Once the animal was in the clearing hunters would toss nets of Spun Gold thread and spider silk over the creature to capture it. "



The Unicorn Book will  not only  be a fun read but  it's a work of art.  Who doesn't enjoy seeing frolicking baby unicorns and learning about the struggles and everyday life on a unicorn dairy. This book will break down what it's like to be a unicorn farmer and prepare you to start your own unicorn farm.


Check Back for updates !!