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On My Honor: a Daniel Baker Project.

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 I am pleased to announce the release of On My Honor by Daniel Baker.

Daniel Came to me for help  with making his first video projects for his Eagle Scout. Daniel Choose to do the history of Springville Indiana and the local Boy scout troop.

This was a fun piece that he used to learn a new skill set and see how the process works when making a movie, from the initial time management all the way thru to creating a title sequence. Daniel learned the basics of , Photo editing, cropping, color correction, sizing, screen capture with google earth, image stabilization, timing, transitions, video logging, Editing, time management, sourcing usable  music , arbitration credits, different types of media licensing and why you should use a tripod. Other parts of our adventure in film making included on site filming, and seeking locations , lots of research both online and  Physically hiking thru snow and cow muck to nearly forgotten grave sites. Daniel set up appointments for   consulting local historians, and spent the time  pouring over texts, and yearbooks at the Lawrence County museum.  

It was a memorable experience and I am very happy that Daniel choose to share this adventure with me and I was able to help him meet his goal in making his first project.

If you have any questions or comments on this project you can post to the message-board :here: 

Springville Indiana  HISTORY , Eagle Scout Project.  SD


On My Honor

Springville, IN

Directed by Daniel Baker

Produced by Daniel Baker &

Mary-Margaret Conley


in Association With 
Magenta Monkey Studios 



Larry King 
Albert Cross
Dwight Kimmel
Howard Thompson
Daniel Baker
Larry Lafferty
Wilford Hardwick
Vestal Hardwick
Curtus Owens
Paul Godsey
Denny Godsey
Kenny Thompson
Jack Coursey
Donald Thompson



"Porch Blues" 
Kevin MacLeod 
Licensed under Creative Commons:
 By Attribution 3.0


"The Liberty Bell"
John Philip Sousa
United States Marine Band
Public Domain


"La Reine de la Mer"
John Philip Sousa
United States Marine Band
Public Domain


"Hail to the Spirit of Liberty"
John Philip Sousa
United States Marine Band
Public Domain


Special Thanks  to:

Rowena Cross-Najafi
Larry King
Jackie Thompson
Denny Godsey
Dwight Kimmel
John Cob
Kenny Thompson
Kenny Spoonmore
The Lawrence County History Museum
Troop 343