Thursday, July 18, 2019


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So this month I am gearing up for the holidays , this means Art commissions are open, and I encourage you to get in  on printing offers , remember I can do your Christmas letters, holiday sale pamphlets and booklet printing , as well as banners , and any other print needs as well as photoshops and design set up for t-shirt printing .

To be frank these holiday commissions are what keeps our heat on, so please hit me up !

I have a few projects going now but have room for more. I am doing some web-design for a BSides group, and a few more logo's . I'm furiously updating my deviant art account so if you are a member you can hit me up thru there. I'm trying to get all my older work published so you can see examples of what I can do.

I'm debating redoing this site again , but due to time constraints I'll probably stick with a CMS.. But that just thinking out loud really.

As far as personal updates generally we are doing well here in rural Indiana, I'm working thru my EMR classes to join our local volunteer fire department . Matthew is 90% done with his EMT and starting Fire1 next week .

I am still looking for a regular paying job in IT (or film) . Business is steady but still not quite enough to fully offset bills and there are a few things I want to save up for, like a Cintuq and they run close to $1k for the decent sized ones. I have joined the Indiana Film maker group out of IU, and made some friends in the production community up here, I'm hoping that leads to more effects work, even if it's just composting.

I have started taking the MS training Modules, specifically Data managment, Database and hardening Figure got for an MTA cert.  I was asked if I would want to learn how to Blue team for a remote gig, and I'm interested but need to add a new skill set with hardening and a better knowledge of network and packet traffic. Some of you will get that , to those I'm speaking Greek (geek) to It's the pathways data take going from point A to point B and how it gets handed off between hardware systems. To put it in a nut shell, and how data can be manipulated, stolen or tricked, knowing how that works allows the admin to look for flaws in security and plug those holes or at least mitigate against them .
I'm also doing refresher on the LPC, I try to keep busy.

We just got back from Derbycon last week, and I'd like to report it was fantastic as always. Great seeing my hacker family again and we raised $62,000 for Hacker For Charity! This a group i do a lot of artwork for, they have a home base in Uganda helping rebuild the infrastructure from the people up by teaching , education, and training. and a chunk of this funding is going to help build a hacker space so that the communities can can access to equipment to make and learn how to make new tech. other portions go towards a leather working skills program that trains people to be self sufficient and more going into education computer lab installs for elementary schools. their is a US branch and volunteer network also attached to the charity that matches tech savvy and talented people to local charities in need so it's a transcontinental project that believes in empowering individuals to better them selves ad their communities.
Please feel free it hit me up even if it's just questions or to see how I'm doing, I actually enjoy it when people ask, and enjoy teaching moments. Just asking to watch me work is free and their are plenty of projects that it's OK for you to spy on.
Also if you need one on one tutoring I'm available thru Wyzant the current rate set is $35.00 hour.
I hope every one is having a good month, and don't be afraid to hit me up for commissions or just to say hi :)

Mary-Margaret Conley