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September 2015 update Post Derbycon

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Jayson Street Awkwardly hugging Code HeneryDerby weekend or :All the awesome People of infosec.

This years collaborative HFC shirt I Co-Designed.

Keith – Got sharpie tattoos several time and Learned I sux at remembering faces until I’ve drawn on you. We have a possible project in progress , I'm looking forward to it. 
I was happy to of hung out with @Sec0ps at Meadcon and over the weekend . Cool guy all around.

Glenn – my HFC buddy, who I’ve missed. we set up the Auction on Friday morning and ran that thru Saturday.

Sam & Johnny I ran into briefly Thursday night with Dave Kennedy for Pizza. We also when to the local ….homeless hotel... Well the Hotel Louisville is definitely something unique. I was brought along to take pictures for the charity. This Hotel is a place set up by a local mission that is not your normal homeless shelter. Although they work with homeless, addicts and their families. It's a unique place that not only offers a safe place to recover, BUT they also teach skills and help put their clients thru school.. it's a working hotel , you can actually rent rooms their to stay, and they have floors set apart for regular guests and various conferences , because of this the mission that is SELF supporting. Although they do take a little tax money it's for programs that are earmarked specifically for Veterans. On the whole the Hotel Mission is really something incredible, homeless come in and they set them up with a room, for volunteering work at the hotel for 16 hours a week. To cover their room and board. While they are their they go thru recovery, then are assisted to get an education. HFC has become involved so that the hotel can expand their educational outreach for job training, by providing them with appliances that can be accessed offline as training tools.

@HackingDave , @JaysoneStreet and @ ihackstuff awkwardly hugging

Friday was a good day,. Had a HFC dinner at GB, and somehow a contest was started where these little jars of infused Cherries were passed around.. by the end of Dinner Johnny and I had gone toe to toe with 16 cherries each... you might have had to be there . But those things were good.. If not laden with 

@Amazonv modeling @DjCyFi corset for HFC auction

massive amounts of vodka....

I ended Friday with mead-con in Adrian's room. I was privy to witnessing a baptism into the church of wifi. And got to taste a LOT of really good mead. Adrian brews his own , and everyone brought their favorites or unique ones to try. I actually really liked this one called Viking Blood.. it kinda tasted like Dragons Blood smells like.

Saturday was Auction day so Glenn and I pushed that till Johnny's HFC update, and another introduction of Code Henry. One of Johnny's volunteers from Uganda. Derby bought Henry a ticket so he could experience Derby himself, Henry is a HUGE help to Johnny in Uganda and he manages the Computer Center and Hacker space. After the talk we had the action some really neat items like a NASA challenge coin of the Mars Rover made FROM the same material alloy they used to create the rover itself. Sourced from the actual test batch. My little Sheep didn't fair too well.. it ended up going for 10$ CAN …. the Canadian currency, was then auctioned off for $20.00 … as always a Special thanks to Bill from No Starch Press, Wimm, Kevin Mitnick, Georgia and all the authors who donated signed books!

Lets see,.. I can't review the awesome people of Derby without Mentioning our Serial Huggers.. Dave who was mostly 

blueteam princess1

wkwardrunning around trying to avoid getting iced. BTW:, I love you Dave, I still wish you had taken up the offer to model Dj CyFi's Corset for Charity.... You would have been cute... and thanks for saying I looked good in my fancy dress. Which as far as part two of Serial AWKWARD huggers, my buddy Jayson street who had commissioned a “art that makes people happy” digital Piece .. that i'll link below.. but be warned there is a LOT of scrolling involved..

All hugs issued gratuitously to Jayson were rather awkward.. and I wouldn't have them any other way. He's also not a half bad dancer and since my husband was off at 

his own little smokers con I danced with Jayson, Barry, and who ever else wandered up front while Rance and DJ CyFi were on. I had help getting dressed for the party Saturday with MsBatz who is very sweet and lend me a corset, Nicole who taught me how to properly lace one, and Haks4pancakes who did my makeup. Over all it was a interesting night,

Sunday was a more relaxing day, I set up to do Sharpie tattoos for Charity and drew on Bill, Blair, Matt and Haks4pancakes . Hacks had an adorable fangirl moment when Dave showed up, seriously that guy is awesome. A little later in the afternoon we had closing Ceremonies, where an EPIC battle for a HFC black Badge ensued between, Team “Cat Ears” and Team “F*ck IsIs” . No really our bidders ran out of money.. around.. $7500.00* and people in the audience started throwing cash at them to keep the bidding going.. I'll post the video it was diffidently something else.. eventually Marpet ended the battle in a tie and they got them each a black badge for each donating over 7k* each to keep the HFC hacker space and computer center going for over 2 years !!

epic black badge

* I have to look up the exact amount .. it was a lot..