Thursday, July 02, 2020


October 2015 : This the season !

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Well October has come and that means its time to order projects for Christmas and Holiday season. 


This year I am doing my pet balls again !  I hand paint ornaments in 4" and 6" or 8". Depending on availability.  4" hand painted ornaments are $25 each plus shipping , and 6-8" balls are $35 each plus shipping .


Balls are avible in various colors and styles but the best painting surfaces are the frosted finished balls. Mirror finish tends to not take the paint as well. 


These are glass based and fragile . I specialize in pets dogs cats horses goats ect. But will be happy to entertain any design if you ask, I will let you know if I feel it's beyond my ability or style.  

Oriments on average take 10-20 hours each to paint ( not including dry time ) . Canvas or flat framable paintings  take 10- 80+ hours depending on size and complexity. Due to time required to produce custom art , commissions that I can produce in time for Christmas Shipping are limited!!!!  Orders placed by Thanksgiving can be shipped in time for Christmas if I still have work slots avaible. 

Please order early !! Also let me know if your order dosn't need to ship early. I do take orders year round . 

Please check out my Etsy shop for other   projects and premade crafts I have for sale.  


I also do graphic design year round .