Thursday, July 02, 2020


August 2017 update

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It's been a busy year, Matthew and I are in proccess of adopting a Child , so sorry for not as many updates . It's been an interesting year so far with lots of firsts !

Farm things have been intersting , we successfully had our second Hackers on the Farm event this past May. This year our farm to table selections included a pit pig roast with  lots of team work and tasting. It was interesting as it was my first time doing a whole hog, and the choice to do a pit roast was pretty last minute having only sourced the pig the day before the event.  

We also did 4H this year  whcihc wasa first for our family . I was in Equine when I was growing up in NY.  This year our kidlet particiapated in Poultry  and Rabbit Clubs.  Our kiddlet took home Reserve Champion Meat pen  and a few blues for her Chickens.

We have gone on many hikes and adventures this summer. Checking out the local history of southern Indiana, and some ghost hunting. 

School starts tomarrow ,and I am working on organizing my time ot make room for more commisions,. Even though it's only the beginning of Augest the Fall chill as decidedot come in early, and our apples are rippening beautifully this year., the spring ducklings,Lambs and Kids are nearly ready for Fall Harvest time . 

This year I will offer:

Raw Icelandic Wool      -- Fall,      skirted white and black spotted  $20.00 lb
Washed Icelandic Wool -- Spring, skirted white and black spotted,   excellent for projects and felting   $10.00 lb
Raw Shearling Icelandic Cross Wool - Creamy White  $25.00 lb
 Live Fryers ( 8-12 weeks old ) * when avaible as of today I have 8 sizes range from 2.5lbs -8 lbs  $10-20.00 each
 Breeding Stock Does ,  includes tatooing , printed pedigree   $30.00 
 Breeding Stock Bucks, includes tatooing , printed pedigree   $25.00
Rabbit Meat, sealed and frozen $7.00 per Lb
Salted Rabbit Pelts $5.00
Tanned Hides $25.00 each
Goat products  
Goatmilk for soap &  crafts , includes jar. $4.00 1 gal
Stud Service Available , ADGA Registered Sannen , driveway breeding includes 2 tries . $50
Reservations for spring kidds ,please ask.   
Poultry and Fowl   
Laying Hens  $10.00 each
Pullets $8.00 each
Cockerels  $5.00 each
Ducks  $15.00 each
Tanned hides also avaible  $25- $150


As always art commisions are avaible. I will be adjusting my pricing for Printed materials as costs have gone up again. So If you require design services please contact me .