Thursday, July 02, 2020


Emergancy Update

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Updates : Cole Fund 100% 


I do appologize for the brevity of this post , I will update and clean it when I get home .. 


Becuse Matthew has been admitted to the Hospital, funds are tight . I have several.bills coming due ..




but Two are pressing . 


Cole has to be seen by a specialist in Jan 11th, I am estimating initial cost to be about $350.00


any donation appriciated , 

Donations over $25 will get a micropainting of happy Cole. THANKING YOU FOR HELPING HIM FEEL BETER.  

Donations Over $50 , you will get a felted soft sculpture of Cole. 

DONATIONS  OVER $100. you will recive 3 soft sculptures of schnauzers one for each color. 





 Secondly , I am continuing my education . I start CCNA class 3 the 16th, I have a bill.due the 12th to IVY tech, total.due is $533.00.  But I. will break it down so I'll only need $200 by the 12th .. 

Incentives to be added....