Thursday, July 02, 2020


What I do.. and How you Help by supporting me.

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I am a Small  Boutique  Artist.

Everything I make by selling my Crafts and services going into taking care of my Small Farm, and my Expenses.

I need to make at least $500.00 a month to break even and $1500 a month to do break even plus pay my student loans. 


My current Goals are :

 1   Get affiliated with Twitch.   

currently, I am very close to hitting that goal I just need steady views or 3+ people on my stream.I stream regularly on Fridays from 6-9PM EST, I sometimes go as late as midnight. I also stream other topics during the week at unscheduled times but normally I am on in a 7-midnight eastern slot. 

Other streams I do are

  • Monday/ Tuesday: Tech/ Cisco networking tutorials and labs.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday:  digital art /crafts
  • Thursday: variety

I do also do World of Warcraft after 8pm some nights.

If you catch me in the morning I also post short farm updates. 

 2  Sell more  Crafts on Etsy  I currently do mostly commissions but I would like to be able to have a steady stock of some items, I am working on a few contracts right now to partner with other streamers to make felted plushies of there stream mascots. but I would like to have a few more ready to ship items available. 
 3  I want to be able to support myself.  This is where you can help me. Share my stuff! every little retweet and recommendation helps. Every follow, every little, mention. Everything is appreciated !!