Wednesday, August 21, 2019



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Category: Graphic Design


Printable sizes avaible . 

2" by 7"

2" by 11"

2.75" by 8.5"

3.625" by 8.5"


UV Coated Card Stocks
- 11pt UV Both Sides (upgraded)
- 14pt UV Both Sides
- 14pt UV Front Only
- 14pt Spot UV 
Silk Laminated Card Stocks
- 11pt Silk Lamination both side (upgraded)
- 11pt Silk Lamination Both + Spot UV Front
- 15pt Silk Lamination Both side
- 15pt Silk Lamination+Spot UV Both side

Speciality Papers
- 100LB Cover Linen
- 12pt Ivory (upgraded) 
- Synthetic
- 100LB Cross-hatched Embossed
- 100LB Cover Sand Embossed
- 14pt Silver Metallic

Quantities start at 200 pieces.

Official and Final  invoices will be issued for each project after consultation and all work orders have been included.


*Prices and availability are subject to change without notice

Because  I do not print in house, I am at the whim of the  printer too,
please only  use price sheets as a guideline.
I will attempt to keep them as updated as possible.
Official invoices will be issued for each project after consultation and all items have been included.
In some instances this can also mean the price goes down due to a bulk order or Packages discount.  
Orders larger then 5000 pieces can be run and larger bulk orders normally end up being cheaper by the piece.
On most items I have already tried to price it  so that when you go from orders 1000 pieces to 5ooo pieces you get 1000 free.