Sunday, June 16, 2019


September Updates :)

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Only the 11th (may we never forget) and already September  been an insanely busy month!

I was Privileged enough to get to work on an Erfworld update. (waves to Erfworlders)

You can check it out :here: 


Designing/redesigning the Hack Hunger shirts for Derbycon that's coming up in two weeks. 

Johnny Long came up with the original design, it's been reworked a few times for the printer.


Also Happy to report getting a steadier flow of Business cards and Photoshop work.

I hope it stays steady like this :)

Still doing the Studio Fundraiser, unfortunately a few of these projects did remind me why I'm  due for some upgrades. But so far systems functioning decently on Duct tape and band-aids .