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This has been a very exciting month, with many hand on projects . Around the Farm we are putting in fence and getting ready for goats. Around the business  there have been lots of fun projects of both the digital and practical variety. 

This month has brought Magenta Monkey  everything from Pumpkin carving, to painting, to holiday mailer and business card designing. so I'd like to show everyone what I've been working on.


First off I was privileged to Help out Jackie Thompson get some Pumpkins craved for the Springville Fall festival that was Put on to honor our Volunteers in or Community. 

 I was commissioned to carve out a Pumpkin in Honor 

of the memory of Vera Armstrong. It was presented with love to her son at the festival, and Presided over the Pick your own pumpkin patch that was set up for the children of the community. I also carved out Cyclops  that sat next to the free soup kitchen sign to greet people out front. The "soup kitchen" was an event at the fall festival where 10 families from around our community made various soups , Chilies and Stews for everyone to sample. It was a wonderful pot luck that brought us together with music, a Bonfire put on by our local VFD, a raffle and homemade goodies . I may need to add pumpkin carving for next year to my list of services . 




Starting next Month Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolina's /All Dog Rescue, with bee doing there Annual Auction to raise money for the rescues. I'm currently in Process of getting a "Farm Dog" Mixed Media Piece done to add to there array of goodies to help raise money for there Organizations.

this is the current WIP:

I'll post more info on this Auction when it starts on the 6th of November.



Also New this month business cards!


Here are some examples with Spot UV. Spot UV adds a raised layer of Clear Glaze to the cards . this allows for neat effects on dark or light backgrounds so that unprinted areas can hold a light reflective message.


Cards with  all over UV coating.  All over UV coated Cards have a more durable glossy layer.

All cards default  to a two sided design. 




Examples of Tri-fold Holiday Mailers.


These mailers were done as Promotional Items for Devotea US. Devota is a small Company that specializes in custom hand-blended loose leaf teas and food rubs.  

I was also Happy to design there meat rub Lables for the new Tins, as well as an ongoing Project for more Promotional items to be used in the new year . 

If you were wondering I have tried there products and they really are wonderful! 

here is a pot roast recipe we cooked up last night using one of the Rubs. It came out amazing with just a hint of smokiness.

 we used the Beef rub last night in a pot roast.. it was perfect gave it just a hint of smokiness and worked wonderfully..

: crock pot recipe:


you will need :


  • Meat: decent Chuck roast
  • Lapsang and Oregano meat rub
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Turnip
  • Carrots 
  • Small red potatoes
  • Parsnips
  • Celery with leaves 
  • Vidalia onion
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Basil
  • Water


Stab the Roast  and rub Lapsang and Oregano meat rub into the meat.

I added a hair more pepper on top and rubbed it in ,.. let sit a bit on the side

next dice a Vidalia onion and in a cast iron pan or like pan on medium high heat, add olive oil and basil, then lightly caramelize the oinions.

While onions are  cooking, cut up, celery we include leaves and use larger chunks,carrot, parsnips, turnips and red potatoe s( we used small potato so we added them whole , large potatoes should be quartered. )..

Next  in the same pan with the onion for flavor lightly brown the meat, on both sides.

To the crock pot add a layer of onion, root vegetables , then the meat

Add another layer of onion, and the celery on top. Sprinkle a little more Lapsang Souchong & Oregano meat rub on to.

In the pan used for the browning the meat and onion add a little water about 1 cup, and mix to get the juices add this to the crock pot. add enough water to the pot till the vegetables under the meat are covered and there is about 1/4-1/2 inch liquid covering the bottom on the meat.

cover and let cook on high for 8 hours.