Sunday, June 16, 2019



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The Snow has come to the Conley Farm!

Helga the Pygmy Goat wishing you Happy Holidays



So this week as been something else, Got a call for some pick up work for a commercial, just about finished the extra large commission

I've been working on the last three weeks, and  I have got two more commissions lined up.



a Three piece pet portrait , Two hand painted  Ornaments, and a Photoshop Commission from Facebook.

In other news It was an interesting day today, we got hit with a small Blizzard which made it pretty much impossible to get out of the Driveway today.. Luckily Matt was given permission and VPN access to work from home, so he was about to still get paid for the day. Since I'm a home based operation I actually had a pretty good day.  Most of our excitement happened this morning with the Attempts to get out of our driveway.. I'll have to  invest in a snow blower.

But... for our enjoyment , why we're staying in today.