Thursday, October 01, 2020
Mary-Margret Conley
The United States of America
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Miscellaneous Information:

I formerly worked at Stereo D a stereo conversion company in Burbank CA as a Data Administrator. My duties included working as part of an small team that designed the data management department for Stereo D. The Data department's job is to serve all studio needs for data backup and restoration , quality control management for client I/O, and managing the transfer servers and client accounts domestic and internationally .

Previously I was the Director of Digital Operations at Lucid SFX Development, a Visual effects boutique in Savannah GA & New Orleans LA, and a Render I/O Administrator at Digital Domain in Venice CA.

I am also both a Visual Effects Artist, Editor and a Systems Administrator. I pride myself on being about to wear many hats on a production.

Originally from upstate NY, I moved to Savannah GA in 2002 to attend Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2006 I graduated with a BFA in Visual Effects. I attended the Vancouver Film School in British Columbia, Canada to study Houdini Master. My travels have taken me from Atlanta GA , Los Angeles CA, and New Orleans LA to work on commercials and feature Films.

Currently I reside near Bloomington IN, where I work on small contract Projects thru this website, and I hope to be able to branch out and start a small Post house.