Friday, February 21, 2020

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On the MMC Farm Homestead front.

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On the MMC Farm Homestead front.

20140618 goat


I got to go to two goat shows with my animals, My baby buck did well this weekend with two first place wins and a Reserve Grand Championship. Amy his sister got a First place and Reserve Championship at her first show, and second , third placing at her second show in a very competitive ring. Allie although not the prettiest goat got extensively commended on her capacity of udder , which was exactly what I as hoping to hear. After State Fair I don't think she will go back in the ring, I just want to try to achieve a milking star, and she is an excellent home-milker and brood doe. Had several discussions on feeding and supplementation as well as your typical talks about genetics and learning more about the parts of the goat, really analyzing a good udder, my lack of confidence in the show ring which is to be expected being so green.

20140618 lambs

Lambs are getting Fat and Fluffy, Minion will be kept as a wool sheep , to keep Adrain company, but Darling with the messed up leg will go to Butcher in a few months. She doesn't cope with it well, as other three legged animals can. I feel that it will be a problem for her once she is full grown. Her biggest issue is that she still hasn't adjusted to not using it so she face-plants constantly. I wonder if there isn't something neurologically messed up with her. She isn't the brightest, even for a sheep and due to her size I feel she would be dangerous here if left to mature to full grown. She will make a excellent Roast, Haggis, Chops, and Stew Meat.

20140618 haygardena

My little garden is taking off, Cucumbers are growing well a few of the tomatoes look like they will be producing shortly, and the pumpkins are coming on. I should have dill ready by the time my cucumbers are ready to be picked and pickled. I found that I love borage and will need to plant a lot more of that.

I have several herbs started : Chamomile, Dill, Cilantro, Sweet Basil, Chocolate Mint, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, everything put Parsley lol.

We had an adventure with a round bale about a week ago. Howard had just finished baling the fields surrounding our house and we asked if he would sell us a bale for bedding. Since he had a broken bale he told us we could have it if we could move it... So I drove my beater into the field and with a little help stabilizing it on the ramp from Matthew pulled it up into my truck bed.

Farmers Market is starting to come together a bit more, I'm hoping that by next week I'll have enough funding to get a banner run off. We have a few regulars and a few new craftsmen signed up this week. My Dakota fell apart , literally the rotor crumbled when Matt was checking to see how much was left of it , so no resurfacing for me. So getting there this week maybe a task, but hey, whats life without a few spike strips tossed in there to keep it interesting?


This weekend Tigger and Pepper go Home to there mama who will be flying in from the UK on Friday. It has been a fun Year with them and we will miss them when they go. But are happy to see them home with the family and not having to be re-homed.