Friday, February 21, 2020

MMC Farmstead

OMG Hackers on the Farm

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Category: homesteading and Farming


so far talks, presentations, and panels include:

cheese making
Tanning hides ( 2 part )
mead panel
Tea tasting ,
EMS/FIRE and computer security


I'm cooking , so, whatever we end up having ..

It's going to be unusual, to the point I'm selecting what I'm planting based on what I might want to cook, so far pit or spit roasted whole pig isn't out of the question actually I'm really leaning towards this for Saturday. Also Rabbit, and possibly Lamb, will have menus worked up soon. 

Still l am deciding exactly what we're doing, open to suggestions but it will be locally sourced. ( like probably was raised by one of my neighbors).

other activities , target practice , Bonfire.




Tent space in the yard near the bonfire  if you want to rought it ..

Bedford Hotels : 

Bloomington Hotels :


ok BYOB ( mead, liquor , moonshine in legal amounts)

Doing a pit pig Roast  on Saturday along with a bonfire. 

Grilled  or Roast Rabbit on Friday night. 

rest of the menu is open, was considering , roasted  potatoes,  possibly Roast or grilled  Duck,  on Sunday.

will be making fresh mozzarella for capric salads, tomatoes will hopefully be ripe by the end of May to start harvesting , and I will have cucumbers by then, possibly pickles , I should have fresh herbs up by then.

.  and we might have berries for pies or desserts . 

Yogurt's and dairy products are a definite.  as are anything that needs eggs. like custards, omelets , various dishes .  If you  have recipes or suggestions comment on the facebook page to let me know !!