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2013 Farm Year in review

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2013 Farm  Year in review


This last February we bought a farm , in Southern Indiana and got right to work making it ready for a more self-sufficient life style. It's nice here, our  closest neighbors are pretty peaceful. Although they get a little demandy or any spare grass or apples.

Morris, one of our New Neighbors came down and 

helped get us started buy tilling a good garden patch. Plowing and Tilling took about two  hours total. Then I spread a little bit of 10-10-10 fertilizer , and peat-moss just to get the fresh ground prepped.

I used very little fertilizer and chemical treatments over all, just an initial spread before tilling it under.

Then I took the time to select Heirloom veggies to get planted. I started seedlings inside Early in February and March shortly after we purchased our house. I selected getting Tomatoes , Peppers, Cucumbers, Beans, Corn , Pumpkins water melon and herbs. I choose seeds  from Burpee 's heirloom collection  and some local nurseries

Once tilled I set some permanent beds, and staked out where everything was going..The most complicated part of this was taking into consideration the adult size of the plants and making sure there was enough space for walking harvesting , and plant spread. I worked everything out on paper first and worked out the garden to scale.. something i'll be getting ready to do again in the down months , to plan next years garden . we have already tilled and expanded, and I have fresh manure and grass clipping that need to be spread for the winter.   

We had a Pine tree that needed trimming, so I used the dead branches as trellises for the Cucumbers . This actually worked pretty well for them as they do Better as climbers, and they produced an amazing yield. 

This was getting the seedlings in, Mulching, and building ground beds. To make Mulch we invested in a Used John deer mower with a bagger and just dropped the grass clippings directly on the garden .

it didn't always look the Prettiest but hey it worked,









 On the Right our Corn, Pumpkins and water melons just starting out.. , 

By midsummer this was our Garden :

Cucumbers and Beans came on the Fastest , and were HUGE and Plentiful.

I started Picking them earlier and Canning Pickles and some Peppers by July.

by this time of year the local wild berries were in full swing, I gathered Blackberries for Jams ,while I was Pickling my Cucumbers for winter.

I made Friends with the Local Farmers and had a supply of eggs and Milk in trade for doing chores.




As time goes by I learned all i can about how things are done here what edible that grows locally in the woods. Indiana has a HUGE "Shrooming" interest, I'm from upstate NY and although we did farm a bit in my area we didn't

have "Shrooms" like here .

I've learned about Persimmon pulp and the Apple trees in my yard that DO still Produce. I have two trees , and next year i'll be more active in collecting the apples for  cider, juice, and pies . The Brown spots just mean they're ready.

These were all great little cider apples.

I collected Blackberries for wine and Jam . I learned how to make both

homemade wine is sweet and more like a Sangria.but it's not terribly difficult to ferment berry juices .

Latter in the summer I did a trade for a Dairy Goat. and continued working on the local farms in exchange for meat and other goodies. occasional other neighbors traded produced that they had grown. I've traded Peppers, Pumpkins , Pickles , Jam, Tomatoes, and Beans .

This week I learned how to Process a deer. Today we processed 31 Lbs of Venison Burger. yesterday we got some nice tender loin, and a few steaks, tomorrow maybe the rump roasts . I have approx 15 lbs of tomato stuff in the freezer, another 10 lbs of pork and beef ground meats,another 10 lbs of dried/canned/ frozen hot peppers, and 8 Qt of pumpkin puree. and jars of pickles and strawberry and blackberry jams, and a qt of sweet basil infused olive oil should be a good winter.

I have a sweet and Pregnant Dairy Goat due to Freshen in March.

Allie is a Pretty White Saanen, she was giving 1 gallon of milk a day as a yearling. Little Helga is her horned buddy.

I've done Chevre and other Goat milk product experiments and look forward to the next few Projects which include building a barn with milking parlor and Kitchen, and getting chickens of my own .