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Fresh from the Farm Recipe series: Cow Tongue

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Fresh from the Farm Recipe series .. 


what does it taste like ? Corn beef when prepared this way, also VERY tender if Brined a good long time. 



what you need :




 take a whole cow tongue. scrub in sink , place in cold water brine(6qt pot, 1/2 cup salt, (sea, or canning salt), let soak over night. check water every 4 hours or so, if "dirty" dump and remake brine,

( commercial tongue is messier then range fed.)


after brining, in another pot, fill with water, and spices ,


I used , 2 tblspoon: Rosemary & Gunpowder meat rub from devotea, 2 tblspoon canning salt,  1 tblspoon gun powder green tea,


Bring pot to rolling boil before adding tongue.


Add tongue and reduce heat to simmer and let cook covered at 1 hour per lb of tongue. my tongue was about 2.5 lbs so I cooked it for an hour turned it, cooked another hour then skinned it..


To skin

take out of pot and immediately place in ice bath. Skin will peel off pretty easily if the water is cold enough.


( I have a good cut you may need to cut the tongue root and veiny parts depending on the type of cut you have)


Because I wanted this for sammich meat, I then cut it thin as I could and  then placed it back in the seasoned pot to simmer covered for  another 30 minutes.




Gave it one more ice bath then refrigerate.


Cool the broth that was left over and bag that to freeze to use as beef stock latter.

Can be used for , soups , stews , flavor bases ect..