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Fresh from the Farm Recipes: slow cook Apple pork chops

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Fresh from the Farm Recipes .


I got a few cuts of meat off a pig that was , tough the other day.. Ijnstead of tossing the meat  I came up with this recipe for making older tougher meats still taste pretty darn good. 




what you need:


crock pot

4 to 6 , medium to small Porkchops.

1 large jar applesauce

1/8 cup prune juice

1/8 cup orange juice

5 table spoons, lemon juice

1/8 cup salt ( sea or canning)


2 tea spoon Meat Rub – Lapsang Souchong & Oregano


1 small sweet onion, 

4 table spoons sugar

splash  extra virgin oilive oil



what to do. 


 Rinse pork, 

in a large bowl, combine, Orange juice, Prune juice, lemon juice, Lapsang Souchong & Oregano  rub, and salt.  add pork chops and enough water to make sure they are covered completly in the brine. Place in refrigerator and let stand over night.


The next morning, after you have had your coffee...

in your crock pot, dumpthe whole can of apple sauce, Place the pork chops in the sauce to sit.

on your stove placea iron frying pan, start to heat over medium high, with a spash of olive oil.


dice the onion,  when the oil in the pan sizzled when you spritz it with water it's ready to add the onion to carmelize. add the onion and  4 table spoons sugar. lightly carmalize.


add directly to the crock pot.  


use your brine to cover the top of the mix to make sure everything is covered up to 1/2 inch.

I used about 1 cup of my brine in the crock pot.


set on low for 7 hours. 


check every 3 to 4 hours to make sure ther is a covering of liquide ass a little water if too much has evaporated.


serve and eat.