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Goat Cheese requirements :

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In order to make the Goat Cheese by the recipe I use. 

I obtain the required tempurtures for pasteruization:




The terms "pasteurization", "pasteurized" and similar terms shallmean the process of heating every particle of milk or milk product, in properly designedand operated equipment, to one (1) of the temperatures given in the following chart andheld continuously at or above that temperature for at least the corresponding specifiedtime


:Temperature Time

  • 63ºC (145ºF)* 30 minutes
  • 72ºC (161ºF)* 15 seconds
  • 89ºC (191ºF) 1.0 second
  • 90ºC (194ºF) 0.5 seconds
  • 94ºC (201ºF) 0.1 seconds
  • 96ºC (204ºF) 0.05 seconds
  • 100ºC (212ºF) 0.01 seconds


*If the fat content of the milk product is ten percent (10%) or greater, or a total solids of18% or greater, or if it contains added sweeteners, or if it is concentrated (condensed), thespecified temperature shall be increased by 3ºC (5ºF).Provided, that eggnog shall be heated to at least the following temperature and timespecifications:

Temperature Time

  • 69ºC (155ºF) 30 minutes
  • 80ºC (175ºF) 25 seconds
  • 83ºC (180ºF) 15 seconds

Provided further, that nothing shall be construed as barring any other pasteurizationprocess, which has been recognized by FDA to be equally efficient and which isapproved by the Regulatory Agency.


Goat Milk (raw) needs to be heated to a steady temputure of 175-180 deg F and held there for a few seconds  (10-15), before I add lemon juice or Vinegar.  This should satisfy the parturazation requirment. 




Cheese is considered "Manufacturing grade milk products". "Manufacturing grade milk products" means dairy products not considered Grade A milk and milk products under thisrule, such as the following:

(A) Cheese

(B) Frozen desserts.

(C) Frozen desserts mixes.

(D) Butter.




grade "B" milking requirments