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MMC Chickens

New Adventure for 2016, Chickens.

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So, Has not been the best year for chickens. Well, that is  not entirely true I would say it's been a mixed bag really.

Back in September of 2015 I ordered 10 Barred Rock Pullets  from McMuarry Hatchery.  At the same time, one of my favorite hens decided to go broody and  began sitting on some eggs.  A week after the pullets arrived  my hen hatched off 9 little chicks. 


weeks later , after managing to keep them all alive I moved them in togeather until they were too big for the  stall and were moved out with the other chickens during a warmer week .  

Things went well for a bit. Then. The Fox came. I had a taste for Barred Rocks apparently. So out of the 10 Barred rocks from the hatchery I have two left.

One is an Opps  Rooster.


Barred Rock Pullets: 1

Barred Rock Roos: 1

Of the Chicks that my Hen hatched off.  3 are left.  ( 5 roosters  were sent to a restaurant )

Marran Cross Pullets 2

Marran Cross Rooster 1


and then I have Red my Rooster , two older wiser  Barred Rocks, Fro: a mutt , and a Black Jersey Giant .

Total Chicken Count up to this point: 


 Roosters   Hens 

Red : Barred Rock/Buff Orpington

Carl : Barred Rock

Steve : Barred rock/Orpington - Marran 

Dolores: Barred rock/Orpington - Marran

DottyBarred rock/Orpington - Marran

Foxy Lady: Barred Rock


Hoodie: Barred Rock

Ebony: Jersy Giant

Roxanne: Barred Rock





I also just had 20 baby chicks hatch off.