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Chickens May 2016 update..

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So Shortly after I wrote my last Chicken updat on April 20th..  terror struck the Coop. 



the following were attacked and killed :

 Roosters   Hens 

Red : Barred Rock/Buff Orpington

Carl : Barred Rock

Steve : Barred rock/Orpington - Marran 

Dolores: Barred rock/Orpington - Marran

Dotty: Barred rock/Orpington - Marran

Foxy Lady: Barred Rock


Hoodie: Barred Rock

Ebony: Jersy Giant

Roxanne: Barred Rock

I belive Red tried to Fight off the predators as valiently as he could , Fro Died of Fright, Ebony was eaten. I found Foxy Lady was  baddly wounded, and hoodie was smart enough to hide in the Buck shed. Steve also apparently Hid.  Carl and his girls were locked up with the Kids so they were all ok. 

I'm pretty sure it was a family of Racoon that harrasssed and killed the Chickens but, it could of been Possums also.. or several preditors.

Foxy Lady

 Foxy had her wounds dressed, and was wrapped and bandaged for a week .  She had several deep gashes accross her back and a broken leg. and to top it off all the wet weather had her and Hoodie with a case of the chicken mites.. so not only was poor foxy lacerated  all over she had to be treated for mites. Treatment was accomplished for Foxy with a 2 stage shot of Penn200, along with iron and b-12 . Oral nutri drench, and a very carfull diatimatious earth bath.Topically and Orally she was given Ivermectin for any paraisites. and wounds were dressed with  wound dust after woun dressing. Bandaged were changed every day for the first few days and injuries inspected. once they had stopped seeping a final good coat of  wound dressing was applied and  bandaged left set for 3 days before the next change.  after a week they had scabbed over enough to come off.  and she was left to heal a few more days in a steainless steal dog cage. at this point elytrolyes and advanced nutrition was key. 


Hoodie had a very bad case of the mites and was successfully trated with 2 dust baths 7 days apart , some dregee of feather plucking the worst nests  and ivermectin oral and topical treatment.  She also recived iron and b-12 via injection becuse she was anemic. 

Only these 2 hens showed any signs of mites. Even the dead animals were clean. But these 2 hens are of unknown age, so I think they might be in excess of 5 years.   It's been about a month and both Hens are doing excellent . Foxy started laying again today. and once the mite issue was adressed they were moved to Pastire and placed with Steve and Roxanne. 


I built a Chicken tractor and Gave Carl , Dottie and Dolores the job of tilling my Garden beds before planting.  They have been doing an excellent job and were moved to till the rest of the garden on shifts. unfortunatly. it has been colder and damp over the last two weeks, and nor onlt were both my self and Matthew taken by  pretty severe URI's, Adrian my Buck and last night Carl the rooster showed up wheezing. Adrian was treaated last week and seemas to be doing much better. But Carl had was sounded lie the Croop. Carl was moved back inside last night and given a dose of antibiodics and put up to rest, but not before he demanded a hug.. Seriously i love that little Rooster, I gave him a dose of pen200, and followed up with Iron/ b-12 fort immune support. but he didn't like getting the shots , so he seriously cuddled up with me after. he really is a sweet bird. Carl was feeling a bit better today and was allowed to walk durring the warm part of the day, and treated himself to a nice long dust bath. 



Steven has been maturing now that it's only him and Carl left. and He also has avery sweet personality. He really loves Roxanne, and was upset with me when I had intially placed her with Carl. He actually stole her back. When he was a long chicken while Carl and the hens were tilling the garden and the other two hens were in the infirmery he made himself at home  guarding the porch and wandering around with Other Duck. 

After the Chickens were killed I set another batch of eggs. They started Hatching out yeasterday. I'm hoping to have a few more girls to replace the ones I lost. Although it looks like none of the Jersy Giant eggs had been firtle so just those few chicks from the April hatch . I'm hoping the April Chicks are girls . So far I have 13 Chicks from the May Hatch and 6 more maybe eggs. I did buy a few more coo coo maran chicks  that are with the April Clutch. so their are 23 unsexed Chicks from April.


April clutch 002

23 chckens

5 Brahma crosses

3 Coo Coo Marans

4 Americana crosses

3 Jersy Giant crosses

1 mutt mix

5  Maran cross

2 Rock cross


I'll diviy the Hens up between Carl and Steven when they are old enough. I'll be eating or rehoming the roosters.  Currently i'm hoping Matt can have a hoop house built in the garden so I can purt these guys out their pretty shortly ro clean up the  garden area. the coop is nearly build he just needs to add the frames for the nest boxes then it's just getting the plywood and panels on it. 

I'm hoping by next Spring we havea a better rutine down and everyone will be laying.