Thursday, February 22, 2018

MMC Goats



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MMC Goats


So this morning when I went to feed the goats . something was wrong.... Allie didn't greet me at the gate. Usually by breakfast time she is already out in the field with Amber doing goat stuff, nibbling on grass, playing with sticks... Goat stuff.

Well Allie was in the shed, nibbling on hay.... with a string of mucus coming out her Vagina. :/ normally I would welcome this but it was two weeks early and although she waSn't in distress.. the babies hadn't finished cook'n yet. 

Initially I called Laurie in somewhat of a panic, telling her I feared Allie was in labor. She said it could just be the mucus plug since they can drop that up to a month early...and said just keep an eye on her. so I did. She ate her breakfast. Nibbled on her Hay. But she had dug a nest and seemed pretty adamant  that it was time..

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MMC Goats

Sex: doe
DOB: 2/26/2012
Breed: American Saanen
Color: White
Registration: S001587480


Mary Margaret Conley

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MMC Goats