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MMC Goats


Priced individual:
Registered Am. SAANEN 

Proven Reg. *Star*  Buck   , Majenli ABRAHAM  $600 <Avaiable for sale  After December 5th 2018> 

Collage 2018 01 07 18 03 50CH Majenli DA Elsa

















:: Dam: MAJENLI DA ELSA - S001677053 (AM Doe SGCH)6*M , ::


Available for Driveway breedings 

Stud Services Available

 "Driveway Breeding" for $75:

Driveway Breedings for single doe , Bring your Doe here when she is in heat,  service and go home if she comes back into heat you get one free retry. 

Service availablele year round.




Herd Services Available for Scheduled Heats: $200**: 

 Services within a 100-mile radius.

**distance from my farm greater than 25 miles, will be subject to a transportation fee of  $.35per each additional mile traveled >

Non-Refundable Deposit required to secure Date. 



Registered Grade Saanen

 First freshener yearling , Jillian$200



Reg. JILL x ABE DOE, MMC Mattie $250 


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abraham jillian


MMC Goats


Registered Am. SAANEN 

Reg Buck , Majenli ABRAHAM 

Collage 2018 01 07 18 03 50CH Majenli DA Elsa

















:: Dam: MAJENLI DA ELSA - S001677053 (AM Doe SGCH)6*M , ::


Availe for Drivway breedings 

Stud Services Avaible

 "Driveway Breeding" for $75:

Driveway Breedings for single does , Bring your Doe here when she is in heat service and go home, if she comes back in heat you get one free retry. 

Services availble year round.

Herd Services Available: $200: 

He goes to you and stays 8 weeks. Services within a 100 mile radius.

Good faith Deposit  required. You will be responsible for feed and vetting costs  in case of injury. 

Available from  December 31st thru September 1st.


Have your Doe Vacation here, $100 

Bring her over she stays 6 weeks ,

I'm responsable for feed and accidentals.

Sept 2nd thru  December 30th. 

Off season Avaibility  Call.









MMC Goats


So this morning when I went to feed the goats . something was wrong.... Allie didn't greet me at the gate. Usually by breakfast time she is already out in the field with Amber doing goat stuff, nibbling on grass, playing with sticks... Goat stuff.

Well Allie was in the shed, nibbling on hay.... with a string of mucus coming out her Vagina. :/ normally I would welcome this but it was two weeks early and although she waSn't in distress.. the babies hadn't finished cook'n yet. 

Initially I called Laurie in somewhat of a panic, telling her I feared Allie was in labor. She said it could just be the mucus plug since they can drop that up to a month early...and said just keep an eye on her. so I did. She ate her breakfast. Nibbled on her Hay. But she had dug a nest and seemed pretty adamant  that it was time..

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MMC Goats



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MMC Goats

Sex: doe
DOB: 2/26/2012
Breed: American Saanen
Color: White
Registration: S001587480


Mary Margaret Conley

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MMC Goats