Monday, May 20, 2019

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Allie had a buck today....

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So this morning when I went to feed the goats . something was wrong.... Allie didn't greet me at the gate. Usually by breakfast time she is already out in the field with Amber doing goat stuff, nibbling on grass, playing with sticks... Goat stuff.

Well Allie was in the shed, nibbling on hay.... with a string of mucus coming out her Vagina. :/ normally I would welcome this but it was two weeks early and although she waSn't in distress.. the babies hadn't finished cook'n yet. 

Initially I called Laurie in somewhat of a panic, telling her I feared Allie was in labor. She said it could just be the mucus plug since they can drop that up to a month early...and said just keep an eye on her. so I did. She ate her breakfast. Nibbled on her Hay. But she had dug a nest and seemed pretty adamant  that it was time..


After a hour of watching. I saw what Looked an awful lot like a contraction.. and Called Laurie back. who said it might just be false labor keep her calm and watch her. so I did . At this point I sent Matthew out to the store to grab a few items like heat lamps, heating pad  and goat treats .. and a large tub for preemies.. I kept  checking every hour or so.. till around 4 pm.

Matt was only home from Tractor Supply for maybe 5 minutes.. I decided to check to see if she was actually dilated.. and she was... fully.. Then Allie defiantly in labor,although also happily nibbling hay and taking banana bites as treats ..Then  started pushing out the first sac.   At this point I called Laurie again and said we have a delivery imminent  and she came over with Lee.. Which was good.  

The first kid was a very small and still born a buck .. Laurie had to go in a rotate him . At this point we figured we would have all Aborted babies. But then #2 came. This one was bigger and had better color. and he came out live.  Lee helped me get him dried off, then a third came, another still born, that was a doe..  


I would never imagined that she had triples though.

It has been an emotional roller-coaster and I am very sad we lost two kids today.


The second Buck, we hurriedly got dried off, and wrapped in a towel. We took him up to my office and set up the heating pad and heat lamp  and gave him time to work his lungs.  I followed Laurie home to pick up some antibiotic for baby, and a shot of penicillin and B-12 for Allie. When they have dead babies you should give them a antibiodic.

 I headed home gave Allie her shot and a dose of starter serum, Vit/minerals just something to give her an immune boost. 

I milked out 8 oz for baby, and then gave him his shot. Shortly after that he perked up quite a lot.  with in the hour he started looking for milk. I tested him and he actually had a bit of a sucking reflex.. this is great news. at first he just a few drops and sips which is what I expected. I thought that 8 oz bottle would last all night honestly. Well little guy is one tough cookie and by 8:30 he finished his first 8oz.. Being offered once and hour at first starting around 5 pm  .





Then when he started begging for it. He took about an oz every 30 min once he got going and the last 2 feedings he greedily sucked down 2 oz each before taking a break. Thing is i only milked out 8 oz.. and now I have a greedy  hungry baby who is looking for milk sucking towels and fingers and himself.