Monday, May 20, 2019

MMC Rabbits

Meat Rabbit Quick Start Guide

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LOL,  Just Kidding there is no such thing as "Quick Start " to owning animals. See my other blog posts that.are after this. 

 Basic Equipment you should have BEFORE getting your Rabbits.



  1. A barn/ lean too/ Covered Hutch/Shed
  2. Wire cages at least 24x16x30, each for large breed rabbits. ( DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION YOUR ARM LENGTH)
  3. J-clamp tool
  4. J-fasteners
  5. 5gal buckets with lids
  6. a decent drywall knife, utility knife, or strong scissors.
  7. resting pad

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Feeding Bunnies 

  1. Large water bottle
  2. Hanging J feeders
  3. Wire or a rabbit sized hay feeder/ alternatively I use 6" PVC pipe cut to about 6-8 inches
  4. appropriate sticks, or chew toys.
  5. Rabbit mineral ring blocks and hangers
  6. a packet of livestock electrolyte
  7. Food, 16%, and 18% Rabbit pellets ( make sure there is NO corn in the ingredients)
  8. a bale of decent mixed Orchardgrass/ timothy /alfalfa hay. 


Rabbit Emergency Kit 

  1. Disposable Gloves
  2. vetrimycin spray
  3. Farnam Wonder Dust Wound Powder
  4. Bactine Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray
  5. Iodine
  6. Hydrogen Peroxide


Rabbit Wormer

  1. Panacure rabbit wormer
  2. *Safeguard
  3. Cordid (coccidiosis) 


 Antibiotic **

  1. *Pen200
  2. *Terramycin Scours Tablets
  3. *Terramycin ointment
  4. LA 200


Kit Emergency Kit

  1. KMR kitten milk
  2. acidophilus probiotic
  3. powder sheep milk replacer, or access to raw goat milk. 
  4. incandescent light bulbs, 60-100 watt, heat lamp base. 
  5.  heat lamp base. 
  6. Plastic storage tub.Towels 
  7. Towels