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Black Current - Stimulates taste buds.


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Black currant is a popular fruit, both for its flavor and for its extremely high concentration of vitamin C. The plant is little known in America. The European black currant has a strong flavor, and those people who enjoy the flavor eat the berries "out of hand." The best cultivars for fresh eating are those such as 'Blackdown', 'Brodtorp', 'Goliath', and 'Silvergieters', which have mild and sweet fruits. Even people who do not like the fresh flavor enjoy black currant juice, jams, tarts, and wines. In the Bordeaux region of France, black currant is made into a liqueur called cassis. 


usese :

From the limited data, black currant oil and juice extracts appear useful as an antioxidant source and in treating rheumatoid arthritis and night and fatigue-related visual impairment; the oil and juice extracts also exhibit limited antimicrobial and anticancer properties