Thursday, July 02, 2020



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Category: reagents


Bach for pets hopelessness, despair, slow recovery from chronic disease.
Choose when you have the feeling of extreme hoplessness and despair.


Gorse seeds have been soaked, then used as flea- repellant.
In older times a decotion was made from gorse flowers which was used for its purging effect, treatments for scarlet fever, jaundice, ailments of the spleen and kidney stones, There are however, herbs which are much more effective to use for those complaints.
Gorse flower buds are reputed to make a fine pickle.
Gorse bark and flowers produce a yellow dye.
Gorse flowers have been used to add extra flavour and colour to beer in Denmark, whisky in Eire, and wine and tea in Britain.
Gorse wine, is said to be a lovely greenish yellow wine which tastes very refreshing.