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Bach for pets :for sudden depression, gives up hope, wants solitude
Bach for people: Chose when you experience unexplained deep gloom and/or melancholy.


Medicinal Action and Uses---The seeds when ground form a pungent powder, but it is much inferior in strength to that prepared from the black-seeded species.

They have been employed medicinally from very early times. Hippocrates advised their use both internally and as a counter irritating poultice, made with vinegar. They have been administered frequently in disorders of the digestive organs. White Mustard seeds were at one time quite a fashionable remedy as a laxative, especially for old people, the dose being 1/2 OZ. in the entire state, but from the danger of their retention in the intestines, they are not very safe in large quantities, having in several cases caused inflammation of the stomach and intestinal canal.

An infusion of the seeds will relieve chronic bronchitis and confirmed rheumatism, and for a relaxed sore throat a gargle of Mustard Seed Tea will be found of service.