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teaches confidence, helps depression after loss of friend or bad experience.
Chose when you can easily be discouraged, are hesitant and despondent, lacks faith, are full of doubt and pessimism, are depressed from a known cause, are weak following an illness.






Ginger is of great benefit to the stomach, intestines and circulation. Ginger tea is an excellent treatment for colds and flu. Simmer for ten minutes two cups of water with one ounce fresh grated ginger.


my goal is to make a complete list with links and basic references

(such as used for tummy ache, or a certain spell ... ) 
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  • Blue are ones I have no info on supporting how to take and just to be listed as a Bach remedy.
  • (so use those directions on the bottle, don't make your own)
  • Red are things I have found some possible danger with.
  • Green has a human use, tea or something and a dosage.
  • ** use at your own risk consult a Dr or herbalist first
  • This list is just for reference. **
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list and herbals and how to take ect...
Azure Greens Herbal list they sell these in 1oz and 1 lb 

Herbs for Pets: 
correcting emotional, physical and behavioral imbalances
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An Ultra Easy Medicinal Tea Herb Garden Easy to Grow and Easy to Use!
Herbs for sleep
sleep disorder herbal (again some of these can be dangerious break down latter )
Sleep Disorders 

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illustrated herbal
Herbal Fomulas
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medical or toxic? medical or toxic? 
( again keep in mind just because it's herbal doesn't mean it isn't potentially dangerous



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1. Generally despondent or in despair:

  • Larch,
  • Oak,
  • Crab Apple,
  • Star of Bethlehem,
  • Willow,
  • Elm,
  • Pine,
  • Sweet Chestnut,
  • Mustard

2. Lack of interest in the world around you: 
  • Olive,
  • White Chestnut,
  • Wild Rose,
  • Honeysuckle,
  • Chestnut Bud,
  • Clematis

3. Fearful: 
  • Mimulus,
  • Red Chestnut,
  • Cherry Plum,
  • Rock Rose,
  • Aspen
4. Uncertainty: 
  • Hornbeam,
  • Gorse,
  • Gentian,
  • Scleranthus,
  • Wild Oat,
  • Cerato
5. Over-sensitive to others: 
  • Holly,
  • Centaury,
  • Agrimony,
  • Walnut
6. Over-concern for others: 
  • Vine,
  • Vervain,
  • Beech,
  • Chicory,
  • Rock Water
7. Lonely: 
  • Heather,
  • Impatiens,
  • Water Violet
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 Bach Center
MSN tea central
Azure Greens tea list 



Bach for pets hopelessness, despair, slow recovery from chronic disease.
Choose when you have the feeling of extreme hoplessness and despair.


Gorse seeds have been soaked, then used as flea- repellant.
In older times a decotion was made from gorse flowers which was used for its purging effect, treatments for scarlet fever, jaundice, ailments of the spleen and kidney stones, There are however, herbs which are much more effective to use for those complaints.
Gorse flower buds are reputed to make a fine pickle.
Gorse bark and flowers produce a yellow dye.
Gorse flowers have been used to add extra flavour and colour to beer in Denmark, whisky in Eire, and wine and tea in Britain.
Gorse wine, is said to be a lovely greenish yellow wine which tastes very refreshing.



Bach for pets:use to treat aggression & jealousy
Bach for people:  Choose when you have feelings of extreme jealousy, envy and suspicion, has feelings of revenge.


Holly is used as a protective plant, and used as decoration during the Yule season. Planted outside the home, it will also afford protection. Sprinkle holly water on newborn babies to protect them.

The berries should never be used as they can cause nausea and vomiting.

The bark and leaves are excellent, being used in fomentations for broken bones, and such members as are out of joint.

The well-known evergreen bush or tree with glossy green, prickly leaves and red or yellow berries.
Also called Holm or Huiver-bush.

Where to find it: Often planted as a hedge, but grows in woodland.
Flowering time: Late spring, early summer. The berries ripen in autumn and stay on the tree through the winter.

Astrology: The tree is saturnine.

Medicinal virtues. The berries are profitable in the colic. If a dozen of them are eaten in the morning when they are ripe and not dried, they purge the body of gross and clammy phlegm; but if the berries are dried and beaten into a powder, they bind the body and stop fluxes and the terms in women.

Modern uses: The leaves contain theobromine which has a weak diuretic effect on the kidneys, dilates coronary and other arteries. An infusion of the leaves produces sweating and is used in fevers and rheumatism.
The berries are poisonous, being violently emetic and purgative,
but have been used to treat dropsy.
The powdered berries are anti-haemorrhagic. For catarrhal complaints, coughs, colds and flu an infusion has been used. It is not a popular medicine with herbalists at the present time.


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