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OK doing a calmer breakdown , will have this updated shortly.

Cole : Spent
Travel   180 mile= $40.00 $162.00 780miles
  01/26/18 $77.88 confortis
  04/10/18 009312 ,ANIMAL DERMATO,INDIANAPOLIS,IN,US $34.00  
Office visits      
  01/26/18 009312 ,ANIMAL DERMATO,INDIANAPOLIS,IN,US $170.00  
Special diet 01/26/18 $30.00est = 4 batches x 12 weeks $90.00 specilty diet

Husband and I also need to have a sit down over what we can actually afford. I was not communicated clearly with .

I know he inferanced he wants a cut off. I need  to be communicated with on where the line is that we handle.Currently we are trying a new Antibiodic that goes in the ear and stays for 4 weeks long term. the vet really is pushing for the CT scan. and I would like to get the allergy tests done since it's a two part issue.


Cole Treatment Plan  
      lo high  
AD indy   Allergy test $850.00 $850.00  
    test would determine if medication or avoidance would be next action . 0 0  
Blue Perl   surgical consultation $105.00    
    CT scan $1,200.00 $1,900.00  
    CT scan determines next action.**      
    otoscopy need to be scheduled 6-8 weeks out $750.00 $750.00 **
    even after an otoscopy he may still need surgery.      
    unilateral or bilateral ear eblation  $3,200.00 $4,400.00 **
      $6,105.00 $7,900.00 **









IMG 20180426 090224 646


update 4/26/18 :Need help Vet Appointment today 3:45pm need to leave by 2pm to make it.
Short funds because my truck gets crappy milage.
Today is just a check up so hopefully will be a smaller bill, but gas alone will be over $100.
This is not even including the tests we need to be running that to start with , are estimated to be close to $1000.00 . Our current estimate for treatment is up to $10,000 total care.
These are twofold:
First: The initial test estimate is an allergy test i know they would like to do it today, but right now i just need to get their. To determine what environmental allergies he has because he is still having flareups. This is so we can get him on the right treatment to manage his symptoms.
Second: Cole has chronic ear issues, and will at minimum need a deep cleaning, and at max need his inner ear removed.
I will live felt or paint your commission on

Message me for my paypal link..  need to talk first please .

update from Clinic 4/4/18
note this is just for the ears as done in KY, estimate doesn't include allergy test that need to be done in Indy.
Hi Mary,

I spoke with one of the technicians at Blue Pearl in Louisville. They said that you would start with a surgical consultation, with a cost of $105. They would then do the CT scan, which would be $1200-1900. At that point they would determine whether a unilateral or bilateral ear eblation would be needed cost would range between $3200-4400. If they thought that an otoscopy was the next step, it would be 6-8 weeks before they could schedule it. So we can either schedule out that far and be ready for either path, or go ahead and schedule the consultation, and go from there.
Their phone number is 502-xxx-xxxx

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Amy Stokes BS RVT
Key Contact for Indianapolis
Animal Dermatology Clinic

update 4/3/18 : from Back at the Dermatologist again . I'm so lucky to have all these Doctors that Fly into Indy from all over Just to check on me!! @animalderm, but, with great care comes great expense. Please buy stuff from my Lady. I WANT to get all my tests done.

We had the culture done today, $367.00
to see exactly what bacteria lives in my ears so the right antibiotics can be given, and the correct intervention can be chosen.

They want to do a skin prick test because we really think my allergies are environmental and flea related.
Not on that list is the cost of flea prevetives which get super pricy.. Comfortis is the only one that works on our fleas so far, we may try
Triflexis , but Boots being epileptic can not have these too , so he may need Bravecto. T

At the same time they want to determine the extent of the damage to my ear. Because my allergis are chronic .

First I need a CT scan, ($1000.00) thats where the have a Cat Dr. look into my head to see if my middle ear is healthy or severely infected.

Then they want to run to run a camera on a tube and a robot into my ear to clean it if its salvageable....($750.00) if not, its recommended I have my inner ear surgically removed.

Luckily Blue Marble is right over the river in Kentucky. And they have all the special vet stuff. I am staying on maintenance steroids and antibiotics. ( most recent estimate was up to $10,000 if he needs everything plus the ear-pendectimy.)

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