Thursday, October 01, 2020

Professional Consultation and Tutoring

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Category: Services

Professional Consultation and Tutoring


Tutoring Rate

tutoring is a service rendered for students and Professionals who wish to learn more about a subject.

Projects that have been assigned to you for work are not acceptable.

Subjects :

  • Abode Photoshop basics
  • Setting up a green screen shot
  • Lighting for Visual Effects
  • Adobe Aftereffects roto and composting
  • Fine art 
  • Drawing / Painting.

rate is $35.00 per hour (no IOU's)

Lesson plans will be agreed upon before services rendered. I will supply materials .

Payment is accepted at time of Service.



Professional Consultation

rate is $50.00 per hour 

  • Advice on equipment purchases 
  • lighting set up
  • Visual effects consultation
  • Art Direction


Time estimate, and project outline  to be set before Project begins.

50% payment is expected upfront as a retainer.

If a project evolves to be more complicated then originally out lined a meeting will be called and new estimates drawn up and agreed upon.