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Web Design & Hosting

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 Web Design & Hosting 


 Sample Work :



An entire simplified website can include hosting ,domain transfer , setup and server space . Site designs normally range between $1500.00 - $10,000 price point. Most Websites are Designed in Joomla 3x, or Wordpress, Occasionally simple site are done in HTML with CSS templates.

I include a customized theme with every site branded to you. All work gets allotted five major changes in these prices.  

A Major Change is change of template, restructuring of several Pages, Scrapping a Plugin/Module that isn't working to your liking and reconfiguring a new one, and tasks like CSS or code augmentation.  

After work is signed off on and delivered,  hourly rates apply for updates.

Price per hour  Skill Definition
 $50.00  Creative Graphic/Web Designer

 Design or theme changes (art/branding).


Front-end Developer


Text, content changes.

IE:  spelling changes, phone number updates and data entry ,including updating shopping cart specials, Coupons, products and tedious migrations from  other web hosts like transferring data off yahoo groups.

 $25.00  Developer

New plugin installs, advanced SQL/ database updates and changes , or new features, not associated with **general site maintenance.

**general site maintenance is defined as  the naturally occurring updates for a specific version of a backend package that comes standard with a managed hosting package.

IE: joomla 2.5.01 is being updated to joomla 2.5.02, or a plug in gets a security update.

Migrations to a NEW plugin, Site backbone or software are not considered general site maintenance in most cases, and will be billable at $25.00 hour, or require a new contract. 


$15.00** each per year, Parking of Domains allowed.

Yearly Domain registration must be paid three days before the domain is to be renewed. 

**2017 price increase . 


Hosting Packages 

Hosting  is a monthly cost to rent space on a server where your website lives. Billing starting in 2016 will be issued in January for the year and will be set up as a monthly pay as you go plan. you will have the option to pay the minimum monthly, quarterly or year in advance. Accounts that were started mid year will be prorated to their due date to start a yearly cycle in January 2017. All plans require a credit card or paypal account. 

Basic: Hosting only 

  • Plan


    Disk Space






















  • All site updates, installs and management are handled by you.
  • Server set up is a Linux x86_64 build 
  • 5 Email accounts 
  • 5 subdomains
  • 5 Parked Domains
  • 5 addon domains
  • 2 FTP accounts
  • 1 mailing list
  • 5 SQL Databases
  • You will receive a cpanel login with access to Softaculous Apps Installer, Phpmyadmin, AWStats, Logs ect..  
  • Backups are your responsibility. 
  • Logs are not monitored unless your site is causing server wide issues. If you are negligent of your security, and crash the server a repair and maintenance fee may be applied on your account for the hours required to fix the problem.Please make sure you are up to date with your packages, and installs. Costs can range  for extra technical support time from $50 to $75 an hour.
  • A la carte Fees & Billing for services. Site updates, Graphic Design, Webdesign, Content updates will apply at the regular hourly rate as listed for the service required.
  • Basic Phone/email, support is $10 per call, Plus the hourly rate depending on the issue.
  • eTicket support :It is FREE to submit a ticket.  Please use the ticketing system


Basic Hosting Plans
*************************** *****************************

********************************** ********************************





               Managed Hosting

    • Plan


      Disk Space






















In managed hosting you will have access to all the basic features that go with an unmanaged hosting plan. But you are not expected to log into cpanel, Joomla or Wordpress to do site maintenance, backups and updates because that will be managed for you.

Added features include:

  • Upgrades and installation of open-source apps like Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress, ect
  • Installation of SSL certificates*
  • Setup of hosted applications and web tools for the website
  • Automated backup for the website
  • Log checking and Email archiving
  • Very Basic HTML updates for the website (changing of contact info, replacement of logo with user provided images, user provided image changes, etc.)
  • Basic debugging of scripts
  • Server Security, Anti-Virus, Optimization, Kernel updates, SQL, PHP updates, clean up, Hacking mitigation
  • Data migration
  • Management of databases
  • Free support via phone/Ticket support
Managed Hosting Plans
*************************** *****************************

********************************* ***********************************


 À la carte add ons:

  • Extra Server Space: $4 per gig per month
  • Extra Bandwidth : 0.20cents per gig per month
  • Addon Emails:     $1 per email per month  (250MB extra storage)
  • Addon Emails:     $4 per email per month  (  1GB extra storage)
  • Addon SQL DB : $2 per DB per month   (DB limit 500MB,+ 1gig extra Bandwidth)
  • SSL Certificates : These vary by package and range from $10 - $500+ per year, INSTALLATION is free, but Requires a dedicated IP address
  • Dedicated IP addresses *Submit ticket for prices and availability. 
  • WHM reseller accounts available *Submit ticket for prices and availability

 Webdesign ONLY

You choose to  your own hosting provider.

Our Prefered Hosting Provider is who we partner with.

You can setup your own account with them here: Affiliate Sign-up 


In order for me to design your website I do need access,  admin user account & password to the hosting provider and the ability to FTP/remote into the account for advanced setup (sql, email,add-ons) and  I need access to  cpanel/Webmin. Charges to be determined at the time of contract negotiations but Website minimum fees start at  $1500.00.


Basic Package Joomla/Wordpress/HTML/CSS:

$550.00 required as retainer.

Includes :
logo design , look development, Theme 
up to 5 pages

  • home 
  • about 
  • content page(s) 
  • **message board , phpBB, or SMF 
  • **gallery

Advanced Package :

$1500.00  required as retainer.

logo design, branding, up to 15 static pages started or category blogs started: user can add more latter with most CMS systems, and a user administrated blog, Two site themes,Twitter/ G+/ Facebook integration.

Average time in development  200+ hours of work

  • home
  • about
  • content pages
  • message board
  • gallery

Shopping Cart /eCommerce / and integrated  social user Packages

This includes:  secure site, newsletters, paypal/wallet integrations, all Branding and  uniform design work .

Also included, up to Five Site  themes for holidays or for promotions.

Twitter/ G+/ Facebook integration and skinning/branding for twitter, facebook and g+ accounts.

$10,000 and up. 

$2000.00 required as retainer.

Advanced shopping carts,( Magento,Virtmart, ect)  and social integrated systems, including customised  online forums and applications, that require a degree of programing,  can take well over  to 400 hours of work and require a lot more babysitting to setup and maintain. There are also more costs associated with maintenance for these sites beyond the initial set up fees. Themes and Third party Plugins are not included in the basic charge.