Thursday, July 02, 2020




So this has been my last year. I’m only angry because I kicked the tents ass back into its original box and bad assery dosn’t photograph with a happy face … But yeah about 65 lbs in 12 months, joined fire service/ EMS, got my EMR, have fire 1&2, got Hazmat technition, working on EMT. Been on 60+ runs . saved a few lives, put out a few house fires.. Did a LOT of traffic control. All in all not a bad year so far.


I know been gone a while . :P

Well Part of that was because I wanted to get all my Current Clients sites updates before I looked at this one. Although I’ve gotten very good at Joomla migrations. LOL.

So Lots of things have happened around here since the February update.. I've designed the logos, Con Schedules and T-shirts for Several local Info-Sec conventions . Got a few more T-shirt orders in, Done some more work for my good Friends over at The Devotea.

Two new Bucks were born on the farm we went from a total of two goats and a sheep to Seven Goats and a Sheep. Currently Matthew and I are in Process of getting some more fence built around the Farmstead side of things to accommodate our expanding livestock.

Unfortunately Southern Indiana Climate has been very Wet and cool this year, we joking say it's rained twice , once for 40 days and once for 30.

This has made gardening and outside projects difficult... but I finally got my Cucumbers in had two Black Krim Tomato come up on their own and received three Brandy Wine Plants from my good Friend Laura over at Circle M farm who helps me with our local Farmers market. Two nice Dill weeds sprouted on their own also. So I have some stuff going. Although at this point I'm waiting for some solid warm days and I'll probably just Buy hot Peppers to plant, I do have potato in a box , but it's been too wet most days to really do the stacks box potatoes correctly. Hoping that the sun says out today and tomorrow I can fill the box with more stall cleanings if we can get a good load of hay. My ancient Apple tree took a tumble the weekend of Circle City Con, so their is lots of pruning to do. Thing is still Producing little apples though bless it's heart.

Matthew and I will TRY to make it to Defcon this year. But I pretty much figured out with out a go fund me and community support it probably won't happen. it's OK either way I just miss my west coast friends , I've been in Indiana for three years this years and it's been about that long since we have been able to get out to the con. Although their is always Derbycon in Louisville in the fall.

Probably the biggest info of all is Having hit my First six months on the Fire Department as of June. It's been an exciting an Busy year thus far ! Doing that is very physical work, I'm down to 170 lbs, about 20 to go. I finished my EMR and received my Cert this winter and I'm currently enrolled in EMT classes which will wrap up around November, Matthew and I both Finished all four Indiana Fire Moduals and received our Fire Fighter 2 certs from IDHS.

Other trainings I am trying to find Time to get done. Starting in August and Please hold me too It I'll be studying for my Security+ Exam then on to the Linux + classes,  Milton Security is Sponsoring me for my  Sec+ and Linux+ tests. I'm absolutly gratefull of this, I'm just trying to balance everything out betewwn EMS classes, Fire, HazMat and farm stuff. :P 

So far been a busy year. As far as Website updates I've added a ticketing system that will be rolled out shortly now that the Site is updated. This will be a hub for my web-clients to have an info center for looking up the knowledge base for the parts of their sites they manage , as well as a centralized help area for current and new clients to submit tickets and orders to contact me with. I hope to have prices updates shortly, and have some examples of new items up shortly.  


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