Thursday, February 22, 2018



So far been a Busy Month for me , Magenta Monkey Studios has been set up weekly at the Springville Farmers Market, showing
off some of the Physical Artwork I do, mixed media and paintings as well as charcoal and pastel drawings. I've also been doing face painting for the kids, and bringing some locally grown and sourced items from my garden under the MMC Farm lable  . 

Since I'm running the market I've donated my talents to getting our Banner done and the website set up. You can check that out over here , I'm not only proud of that , but I'm thrilled I'm able to give something back to my local community by getting this togeather with a few wonderfull friends who have helped out by spreading the word and helping me organize and proof read and give very sage advice on set up..  and it's so far been a big hit!. 


In other news I did the HFC shirts design for defcon this year and was able to help them get some new flyers printed. Please look for them at Decfon 22 this year .  Although saddly I can't make it to Vegas , we have plans to do Derbycon in the Fall, and will try to shoot for a defcon trip for next year.. 



Other thing on the table: is an interest meeting for B-Sides Bloomington ( To be very possibly held as a one day event at Oliver Winery..) sometime in 2015. I like to get the ball rolling enough so we can  maybe have something nice in teh works for next spring or fall.

Probly over G-chat. you can friend my account or circle or whatever

me here : Mary Conley Personal 

and my business here: Magenta Monkey Studios 







Getting to work with Hacker cons has been the highlight of my year . 




bsidesSo To recap a Pretty awesome few months , In May I Supplied the Logo's and was honored to work on the Schedual book for B-Sides Nash.  

Because of that my logo is  on all the videos ( Thank you IronGeek ;). If you havn't checked them out yet please click the link and head over to the video site to watch the talks.  I wasn't able to attend b-Sides Nash  this year but everyone reported that wasa great con, and I'm hoping to be able to work with them again , and  go next year.   you can check out the Schedual I designed :here:


Final Vector Tshirt CMYK


I did the winning Circle City Con T-shirt design, although they didn't get them printed for this year they will be shirts next year . But I got a great mention at the closeing ceremonies. I am very happy that they liked it as much as they did, and that it will get a chance to be used in the future.

Next up in Con Swag I worked on a Defcon Security Goon logo design to be embroidered and unveiled latter. Although I will again be missing Defcon since it happens at the same time as Indiana State Fair Milking Test and this year I am just working on getting my goats their certs and Tests done. Next summer will be hacker cons.




 In Business related news I worked on all The Devotea Social Media Branding, for Twitter, Etsy, and Google+.






In Print I designed The Phillips LAW farms banner, that has now been  used at several goat shows .


All in all a great productive early summer for 2014 and I'm looking forward to things going steads for the rest of the season.. don't forget I also to pet portrites and if your in the Bedford, Bloomington area I am at the Springville Farmers Market on Thursdays from 3-6 just check ther website for open days and the schedual.
















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