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Getting to work with Hacker cons has been the highlight of my year . 




bsidesSo To recap a Pretty awesome few months , In May I Supplied the Logo's and was honored to work on the Schedual book for B-Sides Nash.  

Because of that my logo is  on all the videos ( Thank you IronGeek ;). If you havn't checked them out yet please click the link and head over to the video site to watch the talks.  I wasn't able to attend b-Sides Nash  this year but everyone reported that wasa great con, and I'm hoping to be able to work with them again , and  go next year.   you can check out the Schedual I designed :here:


Final Vector Tshirt CMYK


I did the winning Circle City Con T-shirt design, although they didn't get them printed for this year they will be shirts next year . But I got a great mention at the closeing ceremonies. I am very happy that they liked it as much as they did, and that it will get a chance to be used in the future.

Next up in Con Swag I worked on a Defcon Security Goon logo design to be embroidered and unveiled latter. Although I will again be missing Defcon since it happens at the same time as Indiana State Fair Milking Test and this year I am just working on getting my goats their certs and Tests done. Next summer will be hacker cons.




 In Business related news I worked on all The Devotea Social Media Branding, for Twitter, Etsy, and Google+.






In Print I designed The Phillips LAW farms banner, that has now been  used at several goat shows .


All in all a great productive early summer for 2014 and I'm looking forward to things going steads for the rest of the season.. don't forget I also to pet portrites and if your in the Bedford, Bloomington area I am at the Springville Farmers Market on Thursdays from 3-6 just check ther website for open days and the schedual.
















MMC farm


So along with some... somewhat tedious... webdesign work... a few more  Paintings and some marketing Packages that have been keeping me Busy.  I've been organizing the Very first or at least  first in a long time Springville Farmers market and Craft fair !.

Today is our First Market Day! 

MMC Farm, will vbe thr along with Thompson Gardemns and Cirle M Farms . 

I look forward to sharing our exsperiance in the homesteading section of this site..  If you didn't know I have one it's somewhat hidden becuse the main focus is art.  But I am involved in some community projects .

Please stop over at the markets Website :

and If you are local to Springville IN drop on by June 5th from 3-6 pm 


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