Sunday, June 16, 2019


Welcome to 2014!


January and February  were productive months at Magenta Monkey Studios .

We finalized  A neat little local History Project Video. to be posted upon release .

I was called in to do some work on an upcoming Feature called "Smoke Screen". The Films indigogo fundraiser is now live if you want to check it out. This will be my third project working with Sean Buttimer  Producer/director.  

I won my first Artist Badge for a hacker con. (squeee) , I'll post for what and which one once they make the official announcement but i'm very excited .



In the world of Art commissions and Fine art work, we had happy and sad moments this month.

The happy one was a Surprise Gift commissioned of  some local Pugs.

The sad one was a memorial I did up for a good friend whose poor Mimi,  passed in January.

And I added a Painting of my dear departed  Fritz over my work station on my wall .












On happier Notes, Commission for custom Painted Ponies was finished. this was a Princess Celesta repainted and  gussied up as a Pirate , and a Pirate Pinkie Pie.



 Digital  Projects


Devotea US web banner. this was a blast , I did a Tea Photo shoot at my studio and some minor Photoshop work to enhance the image.




And sometimes you just need to have some retro fun. 



and Finally you just have yo have some  fun with foods... camo-cupcakes with BB topper.... because just awesome. 




Hope everyone Survived 2013 , and here is looking forward to a Great 2014!

a few last minute December Projects. 




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