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American Owned and operated Full Service Graphic design and Production Studio in the heartland of Indiana, seeks investors to help launch so that jobs can be created for our Community. 

I want to keep Jobs in the United States. As a small start-up I work one on one with all my Clients , including one on one brain-storming sessions via the internet with screen share so that you can see  in real time  the realization of your ideas. 

For non digital Project frequent updates are available so you can see the progress of your piece.   

I believe in open dialog and a thorough  consultation so that I am sure we are on the same page during the whole project.

 How you are helping expand this business. This will help buy much needed new hardware and software.

I need to upgrade my Adobe Licenses, my current license is Photoshop CS2, and Illustrator 7 ( not CS), and Permire 6.5 ( not CS). 

I need a few new Hard drives to up storage capacity on my machines as I'm running out of space and speed to handle new Productions.

Part of this funding is to help cover legal, Fed, state and local fees to officially Incorporate into an LLC. 



Pledge Incentives  :


$25.00 pledge : One Photo-shopped Image

This can be anything from a gag image to a memorial Photo touch up. 

You can Check out a few examples:


I have done some Shops for an ongoing Blog that requested several styles from silly, to disturbing, to serious.

(up to 5 changes.)  


$100.00 pledge : One Vector logo  --

I will work with you to Design the logo for your business or venture. 

(up to 5 changes.)  

$250.00 pledge : One small Pet Portrait ( limit to first 3 pledges)--

Hand Drawn/ mixed media  Pet Portrait of your animal or a loved ones animal.

:  11 by 14 in Bristol board 


$500.00 pledge : One large Pet Portrait ( limit to first 3 pledges)--

Hand Drawn/ mixed media  Pet Portrait of your animal or a loved ones animal.

22" by 28"  Bristol board 


$1,000.00 pledge : 30 second Motion Graphic Video Promo spot. ( limit 1)--


You must contact me for consultation. 


up to 5 major changes allowed. 



Magenta Monkey Studios & Marymconley.com  

June Specials  1-30th 2013





14pt, UV coated 

FREE CUSTOM  Design on promo pack! ( regularly $50.00)

$10.00 plus shipping 

Promo cards single sided and  are branded marymconley.com on the back.


contact @ marymconley.com  for order

 special open to new customers only .





 Current 2013 list of All  Print Services Offered :


•Banner with Stand •  Hanging Vinyl Banners

•Business Cards • Business Cards Folded

•Booklets • Brochures •Catalogs


•CD Covers  • CD Trays •DVD Covers

•Door Hangers

•Event Tickets

•Greeting Cards •Postcards

•Letterheads •Envelopes •Presentation Folders

•Rack Cards •Sale Sheets •Flyers






 Current 2013 list of All Digital Services Offered :

•Conversion: raster to vector

 •Logo Design

•WEB Banners

•T-shirt design


Email: contact @ marymconley.com  for order  or  Call or text : 404-624-6606

and leave a message with your contact info..



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