Tuesday, August 11, 2020


hehe.. todays project.. and please adopt some kitties!!!! .. 

check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152834619905366&set=vb.408086355271&type=2&theater

 it's kitten season and our Shelter.

 as well as your local shelters, are over run with Cats that need homes !



Audiostalkers remix of the song “Let Me Hit It”

Video: "when i'm bored" parody, of a parody...

media, Various photographers from our shelter

and content photographed and recorded by me.

......Time start to finish 2 hours.....mostly because there is a event for the shelter this weekend and promos were needed quickly.

Things i'm not thrilled about that will be tweaked for projects that have more time to complete properly.. Premiere pro de-syncing. I've noticed this a few times where initial play back is fine, then it feels like it de-sysnc slightly after it is uploaded.  I thought I fixed this issue when I switched to using the HD youtube Codec, but it's doing it again this video.



Other Projects currently in Que:

Anew Comp for my friend Oscar, who is working on a Poem to go along with it..

Hackers for Charity Defcon T-shirts.


Also speaking of Defcon , we are tight on funds this year and I'm doing my big push to raise the money to cover or trip expenses/dog boarding. I do this by selling my talents thru this site. so if you need any of the services Offered from Video , and comps,too business card flyer and graphic designs. 

thank you !










Well folks , it's that time of year again,. when I make my big push to earn enough to cover our Yearly Defcon trip. This year I will be going to assist at the booth with several fundraising events for Hackers for Charity as well as a few side projects with the Infosec community.  but in order to do that I have to cover the costs of Plane tickets and dog boarding. 


This is where you come in. 


I'm asking you to choose me for your small businesses graphic design needs, I have great deals on high quality Business cards, flyers, stationary material. I even work with you to assure you are happy with the design. 


For the more media ready , I do video bumpers and Stylized commercial work.  As well as editing for your training videos or Company documentaries.  




Just for Fun I do Photoshoping, composite images , as well as more serious  photo retouching for gifts.




For Fine Art Gifts, I also do animal Portraits painted on canvas, or posters with mixed media done on heavy paper stock, I can even have them framed .  


Other graphic services available. 







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