Tuesday, August 11, 2020


this is in response to HBR networks , posted article " Seven Rules for Managing creative people "  


I have to say at first  I thought this was an April fools Prank. but the author  Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic , actually bills himself as "an international authority in personality profiling and psychometric testing.".. really sir? and THIS is the advice you give?? It doesn't appear that he has ever had any experience actually "managing"  "creatives". or any real management experience what so ever so WHY does he think he is able to give such amazing nuggets of insulting advice?  Also to make it worse for those of us  in who work in creative fields , this is the type of advice our managers read.  Where  some  person in an upper management job , who also is out of touch with the actual artists,  will push just this advice up the chain to be implemented, continuing  the cycle of pain and frustration .  

I really do suggest you read this article first , and keep in mind, that every point here takes responsibility of failure AWAY from management,  and puts in on the employees shoulders . In many ways following this advice is a recipe for disaster , yet management will feel it's not their fault for " not being a leader", because Harvard  said this was perfectly acceptable for "managing creatives" .  


actual quotes and my rebutle from the article.. :::::


1. Spoil them and let them fail : .... um .... NO, how about , act like a boss and give a little guidance , especially when working with vague and demanding clients .. believe it or not even creative people NEED a road map and a deadline .. ..


2. Surround them by semi-boring people: "The worst thing you can do to a creative employee is to force them to work with someone like them — they would compete for ideas, brainstorm eternally, or simply ignore each other.".

..... how is ANY of that a BAD thing ?????? A good manager can reel them in and keep them in task if they really feel that they have digressed in to "eternal brainstorming ". 


3. Only involve them in meaningful work: .. oh Harvard sometime it's a mundane work that is a good breather from the hard stuff, you don't mix it up a little with slightly lower stress projects , you invite burn out .. again that's just being a good boss ..


4. Don't pressure them:.... actually I've seen a lot of the best work happen during crunch time , this is also when teams come together ... and during regular projects , a little breathing room is ok, but seriously it's not acceptable or good to allow a project to get to far behind or miss hard deadlines.. creative proccess or not , a really great artist , WILL be able to meet a deadline .


5. Pay them poorly: .... I'm DEAD serious it actually says that...... again you are  training bad management!!!! ... pay the going rate at least , if not slightly better. it increases moral , and loyalty ,.. Why the hell do you think VFX industry is being shat on right now ???


6. Surprise them:.. if you mean with free lunch or perks ... ok,

......if you mean by neglecting to tell them about a change in design or what the client wants until late in the process your a twat..


7. Make them feel important:..... How about YOU, as a manager/director,  need to understand that your employees ARE important ... That their work and talent IS valuable. An artist feeling important as part of the process should be NORMAL ,not some gimmicky hollow words to string them along ..


OK guys , listen up ! 


some of you may remember that last year I helped out work on a little project for a group called Hackers For CharityI helped out by editing a 10 minute mini-Documentary  about the Gulu install that the group did in an active war zone, setting up educational machines at a school in Uganda.

you can view the mini-documentary here.

This was done with footage shot on iPhone by Johnny then sent to me in the states with 2 weeks to edit before derbycon. 


 I have some exciting news, now first off I need to state that although I have offered to help with this project I do not know If I personally will be part of it.

BUT I do want to toss my full support behind this !  I've donated $30.00 already to the kick starter and would of done more but that was what I could manage right now .

If you can toss even a Dollar towards it I know they will be appreciative!.. 


but i'm getting ahead of myself.. why am I so excited??

Well check this out Jeremy Zerechak , has decided to do a new documentary called " Hackers in Uganda".Which will focus around the story of Hackers for Charity, a positive documentary. Something many of the film geeks within the hacker community have been wanting to do for a while and I for one am THRILLED someone has decided to actually get the ball rolling. Not only is it WONDERFUL that some of the positive aspects of the hacker culture  will get a light shone on it , but I can NOT think of a better group then HFC, for this. 


This is the kickstarter page ,.. you can read more about this awesome project there ! 


oh yeah , and you get some niffty prizes for pledging.. like $30.00 gets you a DVD copy. $60.00 gets you a HFC t-shirt..(shameless plug) the brown one shown is one  I designed for HFC :P   and more ! 


It's really worth wile to get a well produced documentary off the ground. And I am all about Grassroots efforts . 

so check it out, pledge if you can share if you can't . 

remember even 1$ helps :)




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