Thursday, October 01, 2020

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I'm a Artist who likes to touch on lots of different media . I achieved a Bachelors of Fine art from Savannah College of Art and Design. I generally Love art although primarily I am a Computer artist, Photoshop, Graphic design ,motion graphics  and Visual Effects. I also Love spending time Painting and experimenting  in mixed media.

I have worked on several smaller Projects as the Producer/Editor/motion graphic artist of bumpers and short films and commercials. Recently I edited a film shot that was shot in Uganda on an iPhone for hackers for charity for a talk that was presented at Derbycon, I also completed a full edit of the talk post-con you can view both parts here: part 1 , part 2

My second Passion is information Security. I have worked on over 20 feature films in Hollywood as a Render I/O and  Data Administrator. Much of my  job duties revolved around making 

sure client data was   secure in and out of studio . Because of this I have taken an active interests in security technology for practical and entertainment purposes. 

I travel to many information security conventions. Often you can find me at places like Defcon where I've become known as "sharpie girl" because I do

 custom artwork on the convention badges. This has also led to a interest in  "badge hacking"  at Conferences like Defcon, the badge itself is often a piece of hardware.

Last years convention Defcon 20 the badge itself was a fully functional computer if you added a few parts that were included in a kit it came with, to d

this you had to solder the pieces on yourself.   Because i'm an artist and love learning new things I began at trying my hand at soldering.I successfully pimped out my Defcon 16 and 20 badges to function as  basic computers.  At Defcon 18 I sat with a few other geeks and learned how to do basic programming of the badge that came with an LCD.. of  course my special talent  creating new graphics

for the badges while at the con and uploading them to other attendees badges when requested.


I'd love to hear for you, so don't be afraid to drop me a line or follow me on Twitter @paint27 even if it's just a question or you want to say hi :) and check out one of Matt and Mines new projects :






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