Kunena form upgrade from upgrade-kunena-4-0-11-to-kunena-5-0-0

form also need an update ... 



PHP 7.3  fixes site,.....breaks everything else.... 


  • Required PHP extension 'dom' is missing. Please install it into your system.
  • Required PHP extension 'gd' is missing. Please install it into your system.


rolled back to 7.1


  2 plugins on 4.0

  • Kunena - Kunena Integration
  • Kunena - Joomla Integration

to update :



possible known bugs













Dear Mary Conley,

Thank you for your purchase, the order has been processed and your account has been activated. With the login information (we have sent it a few seconds ago) you can login to our website and download the products you have ordered.

Order Information:

Order ID: 2000000037
Transaction ID: 6VT697667H0299003
Paid Amount: € 10,00

You have ordered the next items:

  • [24570] [2000000037] Blue Eagle 5


The download section can be found when logging into our website, the username and password has been chosen by yourself and can be used from now on. Once you log in to our website you will see an extra menu item called: "My Downloads."

If you don't receive anything, please open a ticket at our ticket center. When opening a ticket, please provide us the choice of payment (IDEAL/PAYPAL/BITCOIN/MASTERCARD/VISA, the ordercode and the transaction number. We will contact you as soon as possible.

We wish you lots of pleasure with our products.

With kind regards,


https://www.kunena.org/    paid for blue eagle....









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